Working Document on the Constitution of the Macdonald High School Alumni Association (MHSAA)

 Constitution Structure:

  • To become an affiliate of the MHSAA one must have been a Macdonald High School student (not necessarily a graduate), administrator, teacher or support staff.

  •  MHSAA meetings will follow Robert’s Rules of Order (generally an abridged version).

  •  The MHSAA Executive Committee shall consist of the following officers:
        Vice President
        Liaison Officer
        Heads of the following ad hoc committees:
        • Programme Committee
        • Membership Committee
        • Resources Committee
        • Fundraising Committee
        Past president (ex-officio)

  • A member-at-large may be appointed to the Executive Committee at the Executive’s discretion.

  • The following three seats must be filled at all times: President, Secretary and Treasurer.

  • A Quorum of the Executive will consist of three persons.

  • More than one seat may be held by a member of the Executive .

  • Duties of the executive positions will be determined by Robert’s Rules of Order and common sense.

  • Where an ad hoc committee has not emerged to perform a function, the Executive Committee shall fill the need as far as is possible.

  • The Fiscal Year shall run from the Monday after the third Sunday in October to the third Sunday in October.

  • Signing Authority for banking purposes.  There shall be three authorized Executive Committee persons; the treasurer and two others.  Two signatures shall be required on every transaction; treasurer plus one. 

  • The Term of Office for each executive position shall be two years, if possible, with half the executive being elected each year.

  • Elections shall be held yearly for positions becoming vacant.

  • By-elections will be held as required.

  • An Executive member will forfeit the position by missing half of the executive meetings/ conference calls / virtual meetings in one year.

  • A member may be removed by a vote of the Executive if the duties of that position are not being fulfilled or the member resigns.

  • Meetings of the Executive Committee shall take place regularly; at least four times annually, including the AGM or with monthly e-mail communications or conference calls, not including the AGM.

  • The AGM shall be held in the Ste. Anne de Bellevue area.

  • Each member of the Executive will absorb personal expenses of holding office and travel costs to and from all meetings.

The following ad hoc committees shall consist of committee heads, sub-committee heads and members-at-large as approved by the Executive:

 THE PROGRAMME COMMITTEE shall oversee class representatives and be of assistance to the following sub-committees:

  • Web Site Administration
  • Reunion
  • High School Link
  • Other subcommittees as deemed necessary and or timely by the Executive.

 THE MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE shall oversee the membership and the following sub-committees:

  • Nominations
  • Elections
  • Any other committees as deemed necessary by the Executive.

 THE RESOURCES COMMITTEE shall oversee the following sub-committees:

  • Disbursements
  • Awards
  • Sponsorships
  • Any other committees deemed necessary by the Executive.

 THE FUNDRAISING COMMITTEE shall oversee the fundraising. Its chief duty is to assure that the fundraising is done properly and well.

It will perform the following services:

  • Insure there is a work plan with specific financial and resource targets.
  • Identify the Board members who will approach specified resources, how and by when.
  • Accurately document incoming funds
  • Acknowledge funds that have been received by Pearson Educational Foundation (PEF) in the name of MHSAA --
  • Report donations to the Treasurer a timely fashion.  

Caveat:    The formation of ad hoc and sub-committees is dependent upon active participation of the alumni-at-large.