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  1. I am a part of this group and a bunch of us Machigh Alumni's were chatting about the good old days and this guy Scott Henderson was a friend of someone in the discussion and started out by calling all the females which were mostly from the class of 81 Whores on how they dressed. Then he tried to attack me on complimenting an old friend on how she dressed in highschhool. I don't think this guy even went to MAC ??? He may try to get in our group only to cause trouble. I cannot copy the whole conversation anymore as I blocked him but I'm sure Dagmar Ballard can give you as he was her friend. Also,
    known in highschool Dagmar Inghoff.........He is a big TROLL trying to upset everyone who are grads at MAC.

    1. Thanks for the heads up on this. We will keep an eye out.

      Also, we always screen the people first and ask some questions before letting them join.

      Have a good weekend!