Thursday, 18 February 2016

Your February Newsletter is Here!

Hello again from your Mac High Alumni Association!
Welcome alumni! This is the second of our newsletters to keep you up to date on
Macdonald High School Alumni Association (MHSSA) activities, to outline our future plans and ask you for your input and ideas. 

In this issue you'll get to read about Norm St. Aubin, a Mac High alumnus, former Ste. Anne's Marina owner and a legend along the St. Lawrence River. Click on the Newsletter section on the right to get the whole story.

Thanks to alumna Toni Scholefield, we'll also treat you to a photo display of our 2015 Remembrance Day Activities.

Alumni have been asking for a chance to donate to much needed sports equipment and supplies at Macdonald. You can donate by clicking on

Our first newsletter generated what at first blush looked like a simple call to
action - Macdonald alum Norm St. Aubin, '37, wrote to us asking our help to rectify a 79 year old omission: a name left off the Duces Athletici plaque hanging on the wall just outside the principal's office at Macdonald High School.

There was a blank for the years 1939-40 and his late friend's name, David G. Bonnell, should be on it, Norm told us.

Norm St. Aubin towing a huge oil tank in the Arctic

Our association president, Jeff Taylor, got to work. Jeff enlisted the help of his teacher contact and together they hatched a plan after consulting with Norm. They've now got the wooden plaque in hand and an artist is working on it.

In the course of the email flow, and several telephone interviews, I realized that Norm, a thriving 94-year-old Hudson resident who still logs 15 to 20,000 kilometres a year driving to veterans' events and dinners, is a legend in his own right. Stories - both "war stories" and "after the war stories"- virtually poured out of him, and he remembered events and names in vivid detail.

For more of Norm's compelling story, please click on the Newsletter section on the right!

Macdonald Remembrance Day Ceremonies Photog: Toni Scholefield

Veteran brushes up on his In Flanders Field reading. 

Macdonald High School principal Jad Deegan (right) walks with student chosen to give a Remembrance Day speech at the November 2015 ceremonies on the campus. Macdonald High School Alumni Association president Jeff Taylor walks behind. 

Our alumna photographer Toni Scholefield gave us terrific pics! 

Seated veterans and their families. 

Macdonald High School band plays at 2015 ceremonies. 

Macdonald High School contingent marching in, led by cadets and piper. 

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