Monday, 16 February 2015

Changing of the Guard

A word from MHSAA President, Vivian (Chandler) Bruce:

Hello Fellow Mac Alum,

Ten years have slid by since I signed onto the Mac Exec gig, a mere "girl" in my 50's; lots of water under the bridge since then.  It has been said that we age exponentially in our later years and it seems that there's some truth in that as the impetus to organize reunions, as we did in 2007, is fading.

During my tenure, we have had a grand centennial celebration, created a yearly award with your contributions, emerged from a couple of web site crashes and reconfigurations, designed and given Mac a school flag, written the lyrics for the school song, made two stabs at putting out a news letter (success unknown!), cemented ties with Ste. Anne's City Council and Royal Canadian Legion, awarded the school with a beautiful centennial plaque, opened a bookshelf in the library for Mac writers (Authors Alcove), started up a Facebook page and, the coup de resistance, worked hard to have Mac recognized as a municipal historic treasure (plaque and all).

I won't deny that the last few years have been tough;  tough to bring new faces on board and tough to keep ongoing projects on track.  BUT we did it!

Here's the crunch, my mandate as chair will be up in May and, according to the rules, I cannot run again. Truth to tell there are at least three of us 'execs' who are ready for a breather, two of whom have been serving the committee for longer that I have. The transition should be straight forward, thanks to flash sticks and email.

So... here's what we'll need in May to keep this ship afloat:  a president, secretary, treasurer and website manager, at the least. We've worked hard to build a solid core group for the Alumni Association and would like to see it continue to flourish.

Our thought (Robert's and mine) is that if after the May 30th AGM the executive committee has not been populated, as described, we will have no alternative but to "take a sabbatical” for one year.

If, by May 2016, no one has stepped up to the plate we will conclude that the Alumni Executive is no longer something that you want. Business will be rounded up and that will be that.
For now, our hopes are high and we know that you will give this conundrum serious consideration.


Vivian (Chandler) Bruce '65
President MHSAA

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  1. Viv, Needless to say, your efforts and their fruits are most commendable. You have demonstrated an uncanny skill for execution and administration. Let it be known that the late Mike Angrove (past MHSAA President) and I openly admired that of you early on when we were organizing the Mac Centennial Celebration 8 years ago. Alumni have benefited greatly from your gifts.

    When the MHSAA was initiated as a result of the Mac 2000 Reunion, no-one knew what the organization would amount to. It is now a legacy with an annual scholarship for Mac Grads issued each year; a website and a facebook site for our Alumni. Not too shabby.

    Jen and Rob, You kept the association ticking with your continued support even during personally challenging times. As I see it, it wouldn't have continued without your excellent volunteer efforts on resolving website and other computer/internet issues and finances which were always kept in good order.

    It does the heart good to see 'new' blood coursing in the MHSAA veins. Many thanks to Jeff as he takes the reins, if desired, I am prepared to maintain the current activities of managing the Beacon digitization and distribution. I'm also willing to keep an eye on the FB group ensuring that it remains a positive experience for all.

    Haling from "The Rhubarb" near Kars ON.

    Kindest Regards