Wednesday, 28 May 2014

We're not going away. We're here to stay.

Vivian Bruce, current President of MHSAA had this to say about last Saturday's AGM:

What a dynamite AGM! I think you'll agree that MHSAA is alive and pointed in the right direction.
Many thanks to those of you who are stepping forward to lend a hand and send in donations of varying amounts.  We are delighted to see the fund being topped up.  Our good old Mac spirit is alive and well. If we keep going in this direction, the executive will thrive and hopefully attract enough interest for formation of a grand reunion committee.  We live in HOPE!

Read on and let's hear our new mantra being echoed from coast to coast and beyond: 
"We're NOT going away.  We're here to stay!"

Warm regards to all,

You can view Minutes from the 2014 AGM here.

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