Friday, 2 May 2014

Mac Alum David Charters - Book Launch

Mac High Alumni, author David Charters will be launching his new book Beneath The Rose:

Under witness protection and eking out a living in a failing book store in Montreal, Peter Oulton is a haunted, wanted, hunted man. Haunted by the loss of his wife Abby Sinclair, and by the memory of a massacre in Bosnia he failed to prevent. Wanted by the perpetrator, a war criminal known as The Butcher, convicted and imprisoned on the strength of Peter’s testimony, but freed by powerful friends and bent on revenge. Hunted by a mysterious foundation and whistle-blowing centre determined to expose him, he discovers that his most important ally and perhaps his salvation may be a woman they sent to find him. Beneath the Rose takes the reader on Peter’s dark journey to redemption from the killing fields of Bosnia through the murky spy world of Ottawa to a dramatic showdown with al-Qaeda on the snowbound streets of Montreal.

WHERE: The Station, 380 York, Street, Fredericton
WHEN:  Sunday June 8th, 6-8pm

RSVP or contact David for further details at 

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