Monday, 21 April 2014

Mac Rugby Team needs your help!

Mac High rugby coach Martin Silverstone says:

"The high school season is on us and we got caught a little by surprise as the old kit is no longer usable. It served the team well through five seasons in which the girls went to the finals three times and won the championship once.

I'm looking for anyone who wants to help sponsor the new jerseys. The kit will cost around $1200. and I'm looking for any kind of help but for a $500. donation you can get a logo on the jerseys in addition to a full charitable tax receipt for the amount given.

If you want to put a logo on the jerseys please let me know no later than Thursday, April 17.

Otherwise there is no rush for contributions. Any extra money will go towards shorts and socks etc, either way, thanks for your help in the past, and possibly the future."

There may still be time to get the logo on the jerseys but please contact him IMMEDIATELY if you are able!


  1. Marty, I'd like to sponsor the #1 shirt please. That's where I started my rugby career....1983 MVP I might add :)
    Lee Bieber