Wednesday, 3 October 2012


Bryan Glasgow, from Pincourt, is our pick-of-the-year  for the MHSAA Annual Award for Student Leadership, 2011-12.  An all-around good guy, this newest addition to the MHSAA is well on his way to an illustrious career.  Proving himself to be an independent thinker and top-notch citizen, he was clearly a winner in good company with two other avid contenders. We wish him well and hope that the monetary award helps out with his student fees as he continues his education.

On behalf of all alumni, thanks to MHSAA President, Mike Angrove, for attending the ceremony September 28th at John Abbott College, and presenting Bryan with the cheque, a personalized copy of “Clan Spirit”, the award certificate and a Mac High baseball cap.  An updated version of our Mac High flag was also presented to the school; may it always fly high and proud.

Thank you to Treasurer, Robert Howell, for taking excellent photos of the presentation.  Both Robert  and Mike have been kind enough to represent the MHSAA at this event for  several years.  Good envoys both!

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